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japan japan's east's territory water. they are asserting taiwan's claim to the territory. a tv reporter accompanying the fishing boats says some other vessels will join the fleet. the reporter estimated the total number of boats will be around 100. crews are trying to assert their fishing rights in the area. the boat spotted tuesday carried banners saying the water belong to taiwan. japanese authorities are fendsing off action by china to push its claim to the senkakus islands. japan has submitted objections. china handed in a new chart to the u.n. on september 13th.
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it showed a territory baseline extending beyond the islands. the document states that they legally belong to japan. it says the country cannot accept china's claim to the territory. the u.n. is expected to post the document on its website. the prime minister is expected to speak at the general assembly on wednesday. he's expected to cal for a resolution of issues based on international laws. japan is engaged in a dispute with south korea over the islands in the sea of japan. iran's president often challenges and chastises western nations in defense of his country's nuclear program. he's suggesting he falls d
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diploma diplomacy. the president says he's willing to put a stop to the practice provided other countries fill in the gap. >> reporter: ahmadinejad spoke to nhk in new york. he thought to dispel international concern over the possible strait of hormuz. >> translator: iran has been maintaining the stability of the strait. we will never pose a threat in its waters. >> reporter: he's been demanding they all the nuclear. they warned it might cause it in
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the persian gulf. about 90% of japan's coal oil import come through the narrow channel. ahmadinejad said they will press ahead with its nuclear program. the president has to consider the increasingly harsh domestic economy. this has caused the price of food and other necessities to more than double over the last ten months. >> translator: the government says it will cut the price of meat, but it's still expensive.
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i can't get by because of the high inflation. >> reporter: iran is also under international pressure. there were preemptive strikes on neighboring countries. the united states and other nations are staging what they call the largest ever joint mission in the persian gulf. >> translator: our negotiating stance has opinion that if western countries provide us with 20% enriched yuranium we have no intention of producing it. i hope they will remain at the
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negotiating table. >> reporter: he wants to open international talks on the issue. he has just tried to buy time but the sanction hitting the country hard. ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak to the u.n. wednesday. it will be his last to general assembly before his term ends next year. it's going to be his last major task to repair international relations and iran's struggling economy. few expect that to happen. nhk world, new york. >> the drill u.s. forces are leading in the persian gulf. 34 nations are taking part. we went aboard a ship and japanese mine sweeper to bring us this first hand look.
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>> reporter: this u.s. navy support ship was built 41 years ago and was due to be decommissioned earlier this year. the vessel was used to land troops but has since been equipped for mind sweeping duties. it has been deployed in the region since june. the ship is at the center of the naval exercise which is aimed at the ability to keep shipping lanes open in the persian gulf. iran has threatened to choke off ship traffic passing through the strait of hormuz in the gulf. >> we are out how far? 80 miles from the iranian coast. >> reporter: speedboats play a
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key role in the persian gulf. crew members practiced firing warning shots while we were on board. in the drill scenario two suspicious vessels are ignoring warnings and coming closer. it's the largest ever held in the persian gulf. japan which depends heavily on middle eastern oil is among the 34 nations taking part in the exercise. the country's maritime self-defense force has sent a mine sweeper and its supporting vessel to take part in the drill. the international mine exercise is taking place here at the persian gulf. behind me you're seeing the two vessels joining from the japanese forces. the crew on board japan's mine
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sweeper practices finding and destroying mines. a mine destroying device is cast into the sea at the site of a suspected mine. the device approaches a mine, sets off an explosive nearby and destroys the underwater bomb. the drill is being conducted to send the message to iran and also to israel, a key u.s. ally in the region that has called for stricter lines to be taken with iran. >> there is people who say u.s. is not doing enough in this part of the world to counter iran. with all the efforts we are going to see with this exercise, how do you refute those remarks? >> i think it's important to understand that we talk daily with our partners here in the
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region. we talk about the things we can do in partnership to make sure we are ensuring that the region remains stable. we're going to continue to do that. we're going to continue to engage with them. >> reporter: the u.s. military together with its allies aims to demonstrate its abilities to fends off a blockade of the strait of hormuz. it's designed to discourage israel from resulting to carrying out a military strike on iran. the head of the international monetary is expressing fresh doubts about global economic growth. tell us more about what's been said. >> we've been hearing from many economis economists. the head of the international monetary fond says the global
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economy is growing nor slowly than is expected. the warning comes amid slowdowns in china and other emerging economies as well as european debt problems. christine says growth may fall below a previous estimate at 3.5% for the year. she spoke ahead of annual conferences to be held in cotok next month. >> we still see gradual recoffer recovery. the growth is likely to be yet a little bit weaker than we had anticipated. lagarde said european credit woes and the fiscal cliff in the u.s. is a major factor. the belt tighten is said to go into effect next year unless they reach an agreement in time.
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lagarde urged japan to clarify a term to reducing its debt to a safe level. they have the largest debt among industrialized nations. global stock prices had not so strong to the week on monday as concerns about the economic outlook continue to way on let's see how japanese stocks are trading this tuesday morning. how are stocks varying this morning? >> reporter: not a good start to the day. the nikkei is in the negative. the average quoted as you see on your screen. now at 9,033. still holding above the 9,000 level but down about .40. down also about .40. major benchmarks including the
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nikkei and new york's dow all ended slightly lower overnight. that's due to worries about the economic outlook. the latest indication of that on is germany that fell for the fifth straight month. we've seen china related stocks come under some heavy pretty selling pressure. the stock prices falling about 5% over the last week or so. those concerns would weigh on sentiment here in japan. investors will be keeping a close eye on where the chinese economy is going as well as how their stock markets are going to perform from here on. shanghai stock market is one of the worst performers around the world so far this year and it could have large impact on soft markets here in japan.
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having a quick look at currency, let's look at the levels. the general strengthened in new york overnight as dealers focused on the debt situation in europe. the japanese currency continues to be the currency of choice. the yen rose to a near two week high and the lower one week level. >> seems there's plenty of negative factors. is there anything that could lift global market? >> reporter: one factor that could provide some support is central banks easing measures. we saw the ecb, the faened and boj, the temporary boost is out of way. it could take a while for the real impact to come through. if the measures could help improve the debt situation and support global growth that could
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be something positive for global stock market. back to you. >> thanks so much. japan and columbia are expected to make an official decision on starting negotiations for a free trade deal. japanese prime minister and colombian president will decide on talks on tuesday. they have been contacting working level studyistudies. the 30% tariff on imported japanese cars will be lower in colombia. japan can expect a stable supply of mineral resources such as coal and nickel. for colombia the agreement will be made for more jobs. they also aim to increase exports of does he have and bananas to japan. that's all for me for now.
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i'll leave you with the market figures. apple has sold over 5 million units since the iphone hit stores on monday. it topped out the previous model by one million units.
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the iphone 5 features a larger screen. concerns are growing over adequate supplies after a riot broke out among workers at a chinese factory. apple is also facing a legal challenge from samsung electronics. the south korean company has suggested it may add the iphone 5 to a patent infringement lawsuit to its u.s. rival. apple engineers are busy fixing a flaw that took some of the shine off the release of the iphone 5. the mapping program has been dogged by glitches. the firm replaced the service of google with their own in-house product and their software update for iphones and ipads. apple users have complained it's unreliable. tokyo's international airport is listed as a paper manufacturer. a small bay near tokyo comes up
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as the philippine sea. apple users have complained the maps provide less information on building names and railway lines than google's. many young africans are held back by a poor education or none at all. some countries don't spend enough money building schools. that happens in niger, one of the world's poorers nations. only 60% make it to elementary school. some parents are trying to change that. they are chipping this money and time. >> reporter: an elementary school, the capital city, children travel from three
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different villages. it's the area's first elementary school. it was local people who built it four years ago. the government has teachers but locals chip in for the cost of the school operations and teaching materials. about 90 children attend this school. one of the students in the fourth grade class is 16 years old. this is the only school close do his home. >> translator: i hope that when i grow up i become a useful person who can help my country. that's my dream. >> reporter: the children's parents maintain the school.
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he's among those in charge. six of his children go to the school. when the donkey hate branches that ate up the classroom wall, his parents replace it. >> translator: we didn't have the chance to go to school so we want our children to have the opportunity. >> reporter: the parents must do the programs related to the school. they are discussing teachers who often don't show up. >> translator: why have these teachers missed so much school? are they receiving permission from the government to take off so much time? the government was late with the paychecks so to make ends meet the teachers got part-time jobs.
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>> reporter: to help the teachers they started providing meals. some families are also short of money. they can't afford to send their kids to school. in niger, parents rely on their children to help with farming and work around the home. they began visiting the parents of the children. they wanted to stress the importance of education. >> translator: money always a problem. in fact, right now money is so tight we can't even afford to send our children to school. >> translator: everyone is in the same position. children have many
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possibilities. >> reporter: their visit seems to be paying off. more students have been showing up for classes. these parents understood the importance of school so they found way to send their children. it's wonderful they were given the chance to be better educated than their parents. >> reporter: many parents in this district are going all out so their children get an education. they believe it's a passport to a better life. >> people improving the quality of education through community participation. people in the philippines are working together in their communities to deal with affects of a strengthening typhoon nearby. we have the latest in world weather. >> we've been monitoring super
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typhoon to the east of the philippi philippines. already bringing stormy conditions. we have reports of extensive floods and dozens of flight cancellations and it's still intensifying. it could impact the northwest eastern corner by thursday morning local time as a violent typhoon. more stormy conditions are expected here. after that it's going to head towards taiwan. things will turn quite critical later this week. we have another tropical activity. this is a prop cal storm further down towards the south. further down towards japan, but it's still intensifying. it could become a severe tropical storm and could become a threat to japan later this week. there is a possibility of it makes landfall in central japan as a typhoon status by friday,
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saturday morning local time. speaking of central japan yesterday by 100 millimeters per hour was recorded. things are starting to improve but unstable weather will continue until this afternoon. it will remain very wet and windy. that's going to be accompanied by thunderstorms, gusty winds and even risks of tornadoes as well as hail. the rain ban is moving across china. cho chongching will see the heaviest rain. 26 degrees in seoul. tokyo dropping down by five
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degrees since yesterday. moving into the americas. let's talk about hurricane miriam. it's been upgraded to major hurricane. it's going to move up towards the north. no warnings and watches have been posted at this moment. it will be an ongoing issue across the west coast of the baja, california peninsula. it could make landfall by late friday as a tropical storm. we'll keep you posted on the storm's progress. as for the rest of the north america snow showers are possible in the central rockies. mostly dry but we have a big low pressure system over east and canada. the associate front is gradually sagging south ward. the central mississippi valley,
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the ohio valley as well as central plains you're expecting to see some thunderstorms on your tuesday. temperatures looking like this. looking quite seasonal in many locations but still on the hot side in the south. 33 in oklahoma city. the critical fire risk will remain into storm. here is extended forecast.
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we have an update on our top story. japan coast guard officers say dozens of fishing boats and several patrol ships from taiwan have entered japanese waters. they are calling on the vessels to leave. the officers reported earlier that 40 to 50 fishing boats have been navigating outside japanese waters. japan controls the islands in the east island sea. taiwan and china claim them. stay with us as we'll bring you more updates on this story. thanks for joining us. wo
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[ music ] >> you know a lot of california is desert, wide open spaces filled with natural beauty and human history. i never get tired of visiting our deserts because there's always something new and interesting and overwhelming to see. and when you visit the desert, everything out here seems to take on a bigger than life scale. now, right now we are at a wind farm in the palm springs area and look at the size of these wind turbines, they're huge. they're over 120 feet tall,

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